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Ever done a search of Master/Apprentice relationship?????
Turns out there’s a nerdvana of bloggers about the Master/Apprentice relationship in…
Waaaiiit for it……….Star Wars. Yes. Star Wars.

dueling light sabers

Here’s the skinny…

Not being more than a passing fan, I haven’t weighed out the relationships between all the various characters; I’m a little ashamed, having spent over 20 years with apprentices, that I hadn’t seen this in front of me before now.

That said, the bloggers lay it out like this:

Training and knowledge regarding the Force passes from Master to Apprentice. As with all things, where you hail from and what your intentions
are make all the difference.

Dark Jedi?  A Jedi who has abandoned the code and the path of light for his/her own selfish reasons and gains.

Sith? Ancient, Force sensitive, warrior civilization who fell for the tricks of the Dark Jedi when the DJ showed up on their planet after a long
war. The Siths fell for the reindeer games of the DJ, treated them as Gods, and fell under domination.

< here on one of the sites there was much fighting between bloggers as to what constituted a Dark Jedi, a Jedi, Sith hybrids with Jedi, and….other stuff I frankly didn’t understand and couldn’t follow>

Jedi? The good guys. Knights “ of a mystical order trained to guard peace and justice” exhibiting supernormal powers.

Here’s where it parallels our world; the Master holds the highest skills and needs to determine if the Apprentice he wants to undertake is actually
fit to the task.

If not fit- the Apprentice is turned away to another occupation. Check.

If found fit, the Apprentice will work closely with the Master, undertake the training laid out, over a prescribed period of time, and then will be fit to strike out on his or her own to perform the work as needed.

Sooooo, what I get from this is…electricians are Jedi Masters. Yep. Pretty much.

-Grant Shmelzer
Executive Director  IEC Chesapeake