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sockets and other electrical items

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS – Hired new apprentice electricians after the fall semester began? Need them to start training and no class to attend? 

Years ago, IEC Chesapeake recognized the need for a comprehensive, approved and certified, online electrical Apprenticeship curriculum. 

  • Some apprentices live 45 miles or more outside of our 9 school locations. 
  • Some apprentices will be deployed out of state or across country to a job site
  • Some apprentices do night work.
  • Some apprentices have care giving responsibilities to an aging parent or their children, and need to work around a complicated schedule.

We didn’t want good candidates to miss out on Apprenticeship opportunities by being tied to “brick and mortar”. 

If you have an apprentice who fits any of these profile points- consider IEC Chesapeake online. 

Contact IEC-Chesapeake at [email protected]. Online training is open for enrollment throughout the year. 

Approved curriculum and staff ready to serve you. 

Grant Shmelzer
Executive Director, IEC Chesapeak