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Eaton. Our Associate Partners at Eaton are excited to share their color connect system- don’t ever be confused again about a connection- color code it!

EATON color coded locks

 “Eaton’s Arrow Hart ultra-grip locking devices are now available in six color codes consistent with IEC 60309 standards to help identify voltage ratings. As an industry first, these color- coded locking devices provide enhanced safety through color coding to help users easily and quickly identify circuit voltage.  

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Ergonomic shape of plugs and connectors for superior grip
  • Printed voltage rating directly on the device remains visible when mated
  • Best-in-class cord grip allowing for a wide range of cord sizes plus IP20 protection
  • Complete line of plugs, connectors, inlets, outlets, and receptacles

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Black and white are so yesterday…color is everything!

Jenny Boone Business Development
IEC Chesapeake/IECC