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Graphite. The Little Black Dress.

Adorne switches and plates

Every woman knows the Little Black Dress is the one must havego to, in her closet. It’s a style icon…a Yes, please. It’s never wrong.

Legrand gets style. To make Adorne switches and plates even more of a fashion statement, they have rolled out the Adorne Graphite Collection.

Black is a great neutral- it can be used on any color wall , wood or paneled facias, tiled kitchen walls, or kitchen islands. If you browse the images, you may agree that the graphite has a much subtler appearance than a white wall plate. Visit the Graphite Collection here

It’s neutrality also lends itself to helping the overall design stay neutral; not feminine or masculine. Strong and quiet.

So, Legrand, my only complaint is that I do not see a matching bag and shoes…get on that, will you?

Jenny Boone
Business Development, IEC Chesapeake/IECC