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Our Associate Partners at Encore Wire and Colerick Electrical Sales have a special payoff- the REEL PAYOFF. The one above will just get in into trouble- ours gets you OUT!

suitcase full of cash

Encore has improved it’s self spinning, wooden reel- pull directly from the pallet! No jack stand is needed. If you use the Reel Payoff off of the pallet, the wooden reel rotates within it’s own axis with 360 degree maneuverability. Efficient, easy, saves time, saves money.

Here’s the Encore specs:

“NEW Polymer spacers

•        Up to 50% reduction in pulling tension compared to current reels

•        Prevents flanges from seizing up due to moisture

•        No corrosion

•        Larger reels handle heavier weights more easily

·      More weather-resistant

 NEW Reel Legs

•        Locks inner flange in place during transit and loading

•        Legs work as chocks off the pallet

•        Easily remove legs by taking our 9/16” bolt

 4-Way Pallet allows you to pull straight from the pallet with no tools…All Reel Payoffs are shipped in roll-off position, reducing material handling costs and possible damage.  

 Save 75% Total Time

  •            Save 74% Labor Time
  •            Save 65% On Pull Time
  •            Save 89% On Clean-Up Time
  •            Save 76% On Setup Time “

See Encore in action

Time always equals money on the job site- keep more of it in your profit margin, and less in the labor. Talk to our friends at Colerick Electrical Sales, valued IECC Associate Partner Members.

Jenny Boone Business Development
IEC Chesapeake/IECC