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Apologies to Destiny’s Child.

Our brands are our names and our names are linked to our images.

When you see a ram, you think Dodge. When you see a giant yellow M you think McDonalds. We want you to see these: https://www.iecchesapeake.com/home           

…and think of us. The Independent Electrical Contractors of the Chesapeake. IECC.

Our brand represents the thousands of merit shop electrical professionals inside our footprint of Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, and the panhandle of West Virginia.

IECC logo

Our population includes the major electrical distributors, manufacturer’s representatives, manufacturers themselves, labor staffing firms and construction legal and accounting teams.

We are 15,000 lives strong in this chapter alone. When you think dedication to electrical apprenticeship, think IECC.

When you think about “pathways” for high school seniors with the interest and talent for the skilled trades (high math skills and leadership qualities) think IECC.

When you think about where to find and train Journeyman, think IECC.

The core mission of the Independent Electrical Contractors of the Chesapeake is training; undergraduate and post graduate. We are here with nine (soon to be ten) brick and mortar locations and a fully accredited online Electrical Apprenticeship Program.

You know our name. You know our logo.  Don’t be fooled by anyone using a similar image. When in doubt- reach out. We’ll tell you where you can find IECC members and businesses.

Say My Brand : IECC

Jenny Boone       
Business Development, IECC (Independent Electrical Contractor of the Chesapeake)