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Yep- we have an AP (Associate Partner) for that! Our friends at Lighting Environments in Maryland, reps of Philips, Hadco, and Lightolier products, have sent us the a product release from Philips Hadco. TownView- and it’s beautiful.

community development with street lamps

But not just a pretty face- there’s function to that form. Arm mounts, clear glass or visual comfort panels- it’s all here. The product comes in square or curved roof styles, open style cages, with or without lenses.

The Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Richmond areas both “suffer from” and “glory in” traditional commercial lighting on their roadways, city streets, and certainly in museum districts. Old is new again with TownView:

“Now you can future-proof your lighting without compromising on aesthetic or price. Philips Hadco TownView LED post top is an affordable, high-quality lighting solution designed to make the transition from HID to LED as seamless as possible. It’s highly adaptable, featuring a variety of style, performance, and mounting options that will fit perfectly with the style of your town or neighborhood. We also offer glare control thanks to a variety of panels and lens choices that ensure visual comfort.” Hadco

Reach out to our Associates at Lighting Environments and ask about how this affordable lighting offers your jobs “future proofing” and asset management.

Change your world view with TownView.

Jenny Boone Business Development
IEC Chesapeake/IECC