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For goodness sake! A cable stripper- from our Associate Partners at Milwaukee Tools.

male cable stripper

Cordless cable stripper-and with no exposed blades, protects you from injury on the job site.

“Together, the Milwaukee® Bushings, tool-free adjustable depth gauge, optimized motor speed and variable speed trigger deliver Controlled, Accurate Strips. The Compact Design for Tight Spaces enables easiest access for stripping cables in crowded panels.


  • Protects against Knife Injuries on the Job
  •  Depth Gauge Adjustment up to 3″ for Accurate, Consistent Strips
  •  Compact Head, Internal Depth Gauge for Easy Access
  •   Optimized Bushing Design Prevents Nicks
  •   Variable Speed Trigger for Controlled Strips 
  •  Ability to Strip in Crowded Panels and Switch Gears 
  •  Quick-Change Bushing System for Faster Stripping Across Sizes
  •   Strips 1/0 – 750 MCM Cu & Al THHN/XHHW Cable
  •   Strips 1/0 – 500 MCM Cu RHW/RHH/USE Cable 
  •  Compatible with All M18™ Batteries

 The Milwaukee® quick-change Bushings are specifically designed to strip the most common cable types used by our Commercial Electrical and Power Utility users.

Available in kits and individually from 1/0 – 750 MCM Cu and Al THHN/XHHW and 1/0 – 500MCM for RHW/RHH/USE. All Milwaukee® Bushings are compatible with both the M18™ and M12™ Cable Strippers.” Visit here

Or, reach out to your local friendly Milwaukee Tools distributor.

Jenny Boone
Business Development, IEC Chesapeake/IECC