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Kyle Shatzer, our original Apprentice Blogger, is due to graduate in June. That’s right-he will be a Journeyman Electrician, and we congratulate him and his proud family at Hawkins Electric.


We would like to introduce Andrew Park, our new Journey to Journeyman blogger.

“My name is Andrew Park. I am 19 years old and am just finishing up my first year at the IECC electrical apprenticeship program.

 I chose this apprenticeship because I saw an opportunity to advance my knowledge in the  electrical field, as well as acquire the licenses needed to advance in the field. I look forward to starting my second year this Fall (2018). My first year was a great experience.

I started having interest in electrical as an occupation when I started a basic construction class in high school. I moved into the electrical class where I stayed for my last year and a half in high school. I started to like doing the work and wanted to continue studying electrical. My high school experience was a major influence in helping me chose my career path.

 I see apprenticeship taking me from my Journeyman’s to pursuing my Master license (an additional 4 years) after first finishing these first four years.

 I have my eyes on being a Master Electrician and hopefully be self-employed not long after.

It all starts here.”

Andrew- we look forward to hearing more from you in 2018-19, and wish you continued success in the pursuit of your dream.

Grant Shmelzer
Executive Director,  Independent Electrical Contractors Chesapeake/ IECC