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Legrand, could I love you any more than I already do???


Probably not.

Why do I love them so much? Because not only do they make among the highest quality controls in the industry- they’re sexy. Yes, Sexy dimmers.

Don’t believe me? Visit the Legrand website and take a look at the ground breaking Tru Whisper Universal dimmer and The Hub system.

But let’s focus on my new boyfriend, Tru Whisper. He’s Universal- meaning he is SO smart, he can talk to anyone. He speaks incandescent, fluorescent, and low voltage, and fluent LED. No matter who I put where, he can speak to them.

Seriously, dimmers have notoriously had a hard time dealing with the rapid changes of the many different lampings (or light bulbs to you civilians) in residential settings in the last decade. I used to explain it to my clients as the dimmer being an interpreter, trying to both understand the light bulb and the light bulb trying to speak to the dimmer. If it’s a poor match between speaker and interpreter- you have a messy communication on your hands and a lot of flickering. Ugh.

Universals are wonderful because they are the smartest of the lot- they speak all the lamping languages. Hence, you should enjoy smooth dimming no matter the lamping choice.

But, like all products, they are not all equal. Some perform better than others and some are also better looking. I love the look of the Adorne products from Legrand, They are sleek, clean, and sexy.

Legrand Tru Whisper

Take a look at Tru Whisper and home integration with The Hub from Legrand. You should be dating my boyfriend too……

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IEC Chesapeake/IECC

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