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Here’s your Tip for the Day…from our Associate Partners at United Electric Supply:

OnDemand: Delivered in less than 2 hours

United Electric Supply

” United Electric Supply is deeply committed to our customers’ success and continuously strives to offer unique, advanced, and creative solutions and services that add measurable and meaningful value for our customers. 

Addressing the labor shortage. In light of the increasing labor shortage, our customers are challenged to stay-on schedule, reduce unnecessary downtime, and maximize the productivity of skilled labor. OnDemand is designed to assist our customers in doing just that.

Eliminating the time wasted picking up supplies at a counter. OnDemand removes the hassles and inconvenience incurred when interrupting a job-in progress-to drive to and from a counter. With OnDemand, we save our customers the time and expense of traveling to and from a counter to pick up supplies needed on the jobsite. Rather than leaving their jobsite for a trip to the counter, OnDemand delivers what our customers need – all in less than two hours of receiving their order.

Staying productive with OnDemand. In surveying a broad range of our customers, we found that it costs, on average, from start to finish, approximately two hours of labor time to travel back and forth to a counter to pick up supplies. When multiplied by the frequency of trips, the cost to contractors increases exponentially. 

Serving our customers with unparalleled delivery services. United began deploying OnDemand delivery in 2018 to selected territories. Since that time, we’ve expanded our reach company-wide, currently serving 200+ customers with nearly a 100% success rate. 

We’re eco-friendly with electric vehicles. United is committed to a more sustainable future and doing its part toward a cleaner, greener environment. We take this responsibility seriously, and are working toward reducing the emissions that contribute to climate change and smog, improving public health and reducing ecological damage. As the majority of our OnDemand deliveries tend to be smaller than our standard next-day deliveries, United is excited to announce the procurement of electric vehicles to serve this market.

OnDemand complements our standard next-day and overnight deliveries and is simply a better way of doing business.”

Demand better. OnDemand. United.

Jenny Boone
Business Development, IEC Chesapeake/IECC