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I be ready…U be ready?

Looking for receptacle upgrades on a design? remodel? DIY? This baby is worth your attention. Check this out.

receptacle with usb port

Kitchen or wet bar counters? Wish you had a charging station? Now you do.

Night stands in every bedroom…wish you had a charging station? Now you do.

…and dig this:

“Residential contractors are more in-tune than ever with “smart home” technology. Eaton’s Home Automation Hub and Z-Wave Plus Wireless collection of lighting controls enables contractors to meet the needs of tech-savvy homeowners by incorporating devices to create a connected “eco-system” within the home. When used with a Z-Wave controller, devices can be controlled through voice assistants like the Amazon Echo and the Google Home. Enhanced compatibility with popular smart home and security systems like SmartThings and Alarm.com is also available.”

As if this alone were not enough to make me happy (today), Eaton also has a receptacle in their Patrol Series with an LED night light. I said it- receptacle AND night light. Mom’s and Dad’s are you listening?

Alexa- order me an Eaton receptacle with USB ports please, and get it here yesterday…

Jenny Boone
Business Development, IEC Chesapeake/IECC