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BBSI, Barrett Business Services, Inc., is an IECC Associate Partner designed to help smaller companies run like a giant.

BBSI was started by an entrepreneur who believed valuable “hands on” business services could be delivered to everyone at a reasonable price. Delivering what they promise, on time, treating their external and internal customers with respect, is BBSI’s core mission.

IECC (Independent Electrical Contractors of the Chesapeake) has a diverse member population; we have members with anywhere from 5 pairs of boots in the field to 5,000 pairs of boots in the field. We are always interested in partnering with companies that offer resources to all members, in particular our younger or smaller contractors. BBSI is uniquely positioned to assist both: from our Partner…

o  BBSI helps business owners focus on their core business, minimizing organizational complexity and maximizing profitability.

o  BBSI delivers large-company management resources and expertise to small companies.

o  BBSI aligns with the mission of each business owner, driving value through our expertise in human capital.

Business owners who typically benefit most from BBSI’s approach: 

Are experiencing rapid growth

Have teams that need development

Have concerns related to human capital management and organization alignment

Want to focus on their core business-not tactical managerial functions

But Jenny, you ask, what is their specific plan of action? So glad you asked: 

“BBSI will analyze your current personnel policies and procedures, identifying any gaps in compliance.

BSI can identify more efficient ways to handle important details, including payroll, taxes, employee benefits, health insurance, workers’ compensation coverage, workplace safety programs, compliance with federal and state employment laws, labor and workplace regulatory requirements and related administrative responsibilities.” 

If you’re an electrical contractor or distributor, we already know you’re a genius. An ELECTRICAL genius. 

Punch your weight class– if payroll and capital management are too time consuming or confusing, if you just don’t have the people to commit to assessing and running this very important aspect of your business, try our AP. 

BBSI. We have an AP for that. 

Jenny Boone       
Business Development, IECC (Independent Electrical Contractor of the Chesapeake)