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We want you to go on a couple of dates with us in 2018. We are attractive, interesting, love long walks in the woods, and don’t think an outing should be costly.

operator at switchboard

We should be your favorite new girlfriend!

Your IEC Chesapeake chapter only asks you to go out with us 3 times a year….3 TIMES IN A YEAR. Once to enjoy a day of golf at a spectacular course in the Maryland countryside, and twice for a beer. We will even settle for 2 out of the three if you are SO busy that you cannot possibly make room for one day in May, one evening in October, and one more evening in December.

Why? Because we are interested in YOU. We like being with you- but we don’t want to smother you. We know the key to a good relationship is “some together time, and some apart time.” We concede the point; however, some of you have spent way too much “ apart time” and that makes us lonely.

Worse- it makes Sponsors lonely. Sponsors are the prettiest girls in the group; you’re lucky they like you so much. Let’s show Sponsors even more attention in 2018 and show up to 2 out of 3 events.

Not for nothing…the guys that show up to all 3 events may end up with a lot more attention and dances with Sponsors. But you knew that already, right? We’re not your first date.

Let’s rekindle the flames of this friendship in 2018 by having a little fun together. It might remind you of how many great members there are in your chapter- and how much fun they can be.

I’ll call you.

No, really, I will…….

-Jenny Boone
Chesapeake Business Development