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Harry and Megan

I wasn’t. I’m still not worried, even though I must get about a dozen notices a day on my phone from various news organizations around the globe about “what the next steps are for Harry and Megan to secure a future.”

I get it. They’re selling papers and magazines.

I’m not so naïve that I don’t recognize that everything the royals or celebrities do, say, and particularly wear, is of great interest to many people. I understand “influencers” and I get that what Megan appears in at a park, at an opening, at a gala, sells out in minutes. The fashion industry especially must love the attention the royals get.

However, I’m not at all concerned about how Harry and Megan will afford a life or protect their child. They have an incredible wealth of resources at their feet. If Wallis Simpson and the Duke of Windsor could survive comfortably all those decades, so too can Harry and Megan.

I’m far more concerned that attention fall on the 585,000 apprentices (according to the Department of Labor) across our nation, and specifically, the 900 electrical apprentices we have in our care at IEC Chesapeake.

I would be happier to see more stories about the young men and women choosing to explore the “earn while you learn” model of apprenticeship where they combine on the job, hands on experience with an electrical academic program two nights a week for four years. Yes, four years.

If a Journeyman electrician wishes to pursue an electrical Masters, that’ll be another four-year commitment…while working.

Reminds me of the joke about Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers- she did everything he did- but backwards and in high heels.

Electrical apprentices are Ginger Rogers compared to most college students.

If you’re logged in to Linked In or Facebook, and you see those postings regarding apprentice of the month, or Skills USA competitions, give it a Like. Maybe Share it.

Let’s propagate the good news about who is earning a living and how. Let’s talk about apprentices.

Jenny Boone
Business Development, IEC Chesapeake/ IECC