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On June 8, 2020 IEC Chesapeake graduated the first Anne Arundel County, North County High School Pre-Apprenticeship class. 

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and millions of Americans losing their jobs, students were enabled to complete the full course.


IECC was able to find job placements, through our Contractor Members, for half of this class. 

The other half were unable to complete because they had not received their driver’s licenses in time; as these students complete the driver’s license requirements, we will continue to work with our Contractor Members to place graduates upon completion.

The IECC Pre-Apprenticeship Circuit is a 200 hour electrical trade- job- readiness program. The program provides classroom instruction and hands on training to high school students exploring entrance into electrical apprenticeship and/or employment in the electrical industry.

To enter into the program:

·       High School students must come through a participating school that has met IECC requirements

·       Must be a rising senior that is on schedule for passing and graduating from their local high school

·       Must have driver’s license (or at least licensed by the end of the last class), birth certificate (or I9 identification) and social security card

·       Must attend all scheduled classes

·       Must pass the course with at least a GPA of 70%

Look at our Circuits:

Feel free to reach out and ask me directly about electrical apprenticeship, Pre -Apprenticeship, Telecom Tech Apprenticeship, and options for exploring electrical distribution.

It’s a big industry.

Sharon Burley, [email protected], Workforce Development IECC
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