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Yep, We Have an AP for That…PDU Cables, a valued IECC Associate Partner, shares this with us regarding pre-fabrication: from Tom Shear at PDU Cable


Benefits of Prefabrication:

“The process of construction continues to evolve. We simply couldn’t have achieved the deadline without prefabrication. The results are real, and it was, without a doubt, a major contributor to the success of this project. Prefabrication made construction faster, safer and more predictable.”

Maja Rosenquist, vice president and general manager Mortenson Construction. 

What are some of the benefits of utilizing prefabrication?  

Consistent Quality:

Prefabricated assemblies are built by experienced, dedicated assemblers in a controlled manufacturing environment, following specific standards with quality checks throughout the process. 

Reduced Job Site Disruptions:

With prefabricated assemblies, there is less truck traffic, equipment and material suppliers in and around the job site. Offsite prefabrication limits unnecessary distractions and disruption at the job site. 


Prefabricated assemblies are created under supervision in a factory-controlled environment, reducing the risk of job site injury, accidents and other liabilities.   

Saves Labor:

Prefabricated assemblies reduce overall labor and more importantly the total labor hours spent on the job site. 


Fewer variables are involved when utilizing prefabricated assemblies. It is easier to plan and schedule job site workforce and related resources. 

A survey of hundreds of AEC professionals found Prefabrication and Modularization resulted in:

  • A quicker project schedule (66%)
  • A reduction of project budgets (65%)
  • A decrease in construction site waste (77%)

Enjoy the benefits of prefabrication, look to PDU Cables for your branch circuit power distribution cable assembly needs.  

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Tom Shear [email protected]

Grant Shmelzer
Executive Director, IECC (Independent Electrical Contractor of the Chesapeake)