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smoke detector

Our Associate Partners at Phoenix Sales proudly announce BRK Electronics latest 7030BSL, 3 in 1 Smoke/Carbon/ LED Strobe on the market.

Check this out:

“The new BRK 7030BSL from BRK has arrived and it’s the only 3 in 1 Smoke/CO detector/LED Strobe on the market!  BRK is proud to complete our new line of LED strobe and strobe alarm products with the launch of a 3-in-1 Smoke/CO Combination Alarm with LED strobe. The integration of both sensors into a single alarm allows a single unit install & wiring for areas where ADA compliant combination alarm is required for the hearing impaired hospitality, public housing, assisted living, and institutional applications. The LED strobe technology is an improvement from the traditional XENON strobe light and also allows a slim, low-profile that is easier to install. The backup battery on the alarm is 10 Year Sealed Lithium. Install It! Done!”

From the 7030BSL Spec sheet: “This alarm features two latching features and two silence features. The Alarm Latch easily identifies the initiating alarm with blinking RED led pattern – even after the alarm condition has subsided. Ideal when multiple alarms are installed throughout a residence or institution. The End of Life / Low Battery Latch visually identifies which unit is in a low battery or end of life condition. The convenient silence features will temporarily silence an unwanted alarm for several minutes or eliminate low battery/end of life chirps for up to eight hours. Other Contractor preferred features include a dust cover, easy twist-lock mounting bracket with backup battery activation, and“Quick Connect” wiring harness.”

An innovation you should be aware of- contact our valued IECC Associate Partners at Phoenix Sales for more information.

Jenny Boone
Business Development, Independent Electrical Contractors Chesapeake/ IECC