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A recent release from Eaton of interest to us all:

fall foliage

” Who doesn’t love Fall? Crisp air, fall harvests and the leaves changing colors. Let the change of the season and fall colors inspire you to update and decorate your home with residential wiring devices in an assortment of colors and styles.

Eaton’s Wiring Devices offers products with interchangeable color kits which allow end users and designers to select the perfect color to complement their interior decor, but also the flexibility as designs and themes of spaces change.

Electrical contractors and distributors can reduce capital expenses, manage inventory and save valuable space in service vans and on warehouse shelves with Eaton’s color change kits.

The following products are available with color change kits. 

All Load Dimmers


  • Works with today’s most common lighting loads including LED
  • Adjustable low-end trimming

0-10V Dimmers

  • Compatible with LED and Fluorescent 0-10V Ballast, 120V or 277V
  • No neutral required for installation  

Universal Load Dimmer Sensors

  • 3 in 1 device featuring sensing, switching and dimming
  • Provides 180 degree field of view and 1000 sq. ft. or major motion coverage  


  • Available in minute or hour time increments
  • Single Pole, 15A, 1800W (1/4 HP)

Quiet Fan Speed Controls

  • Combines ON/OFF switch functionality with a smooth slide for low, medium or high speeds
  • Equipped with circuity to reduce fan noise when operating at lower speeds

  For more information on these products see our Color Change Kits page”

Reach out to your friendly distributor today.

Grant Shmelzer Executive Director
IEC Chesapeake/IECC