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Our Associate Partners (AP) at Colerick Sales have shared EPCO’s latest:

Ground bonding jumper kit

Ground Bonding Jumper kit

Colerick Electrical Sales represents Engineered Products Company (EPCO) and has sent us these specs:

Engineered Product Company’s (EPCO) Pre-Fabricated Ground Bonding Jumper Kits are one of the most critical elements in a safely grounded system to provide a positive and effective connection to ensure a low-impedance ground-fault current path to safeguard personnel and property from electrical shock hazards.

EPCO Ground Bonding Jumpers ensure the equipment ground is at the same potential as the earth.

Each kit includes:

  • One 5cc tube of Oxide Inhibiting Compound Grease
  • Screws (2): 10-32 x .5 Hex
  • Screws (2): 12-24 x .5 Hex
  • Screws (2): M5 1.0 x 12 Hex
  • Screws (2): M6 1.0 x 12 Hex

Made in the U.S.A. and Meets the requirements of the 2017 NEC: Articles 250.24(B), 250.28(A).

Typical Applications:

  • Metallic service equipment enclosures requiring ground bonding
  • Remote metering equipment
  • Parallel bonding conductors
  • New equipment replacement motors
  • Conductive elements of a pool structure or nearby metallic objects


  • Functions as the critical link between the “grounded” service conductor and the equipment ground conductor.
  • Protects individuals from serving as a “conductor” between two conductive parts at different voltage potentials to eliminate the shock hazard.
  • Cost-effective, labor efficient Ground Bonding Jumper Kits reduce installation costs.
  • Meets the requirements of the 2017 National Electrical Code: Articles 250.24(B), 250.28(A) and (B).


  • Labor savings! Pre-crimped using mechanical compression crimping tools. Ready to use right out of the box to ensure the long-term integrity of a properly grounded system!
  • Manufactured with “industry standard”, corrosion-resistant, 6 AWG premium-grade (THHN) Stranded Building Copper Wire (19 Strand), and UL Listed Components.
  • Thread forming ground screws are included. Our supplied screws are made from electro zinc-plated steel to provide a secure bond without creating metal shavings. All ground screws are packaged in individual polybags and each polybag is labeled for the ground screw type. See the ground screws packaged list shown below.

“Engineered Products Company (EPCO) introduced the Stranded Ground Bonding Grounding PigTail 40 years ago.

Today, we have sold millions of Ground Bonding PigTails and PowerTails Device Wiring Conductors.

Our manufacturing expertise, quality, reliability, and expedited delivery time have always met customer expectations.”

Get a “jump” on this! Reach out to EPCO or Colerick with your questions.

Jenny Boone
Business Development IEC Chesapeake /IECC