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Our Associate Partners (AP) at Lighting Environments have brought Lifted LED grow lights products to our attention. We’re doing you the favor of bringing it to you…

No- it does NOT smell like Teen Spirit. This product is being used in agri-centers, large and small grow houses, labs, and yes…I suppose for dispensaries where legal. This lighting is a game changer.

grow lights with plants

For years growers have had to depend on high pressure sodium and halogen technologies to supplement sunlight in the indoor growing process. Just like any other lighting need, they have been chasing the combination of efficacy and sustainability. How can we provide the LIGHT, in useful SPECTRUMS, and be ENERGY EFFICIENT?

Enter Lifted LED

Not only do you have a choice of fixtures based on the size and scope of the product you’re growing, you have a full spectrum of kelvin (that’s light color temperature for you civilians) allowing both you and your plants greater comfort to grow- the product is ready out of the box, and you can customize the modules throughout your grow space. The whiter LED light is both a pleasure to work under, and allows growers a better light spectrum to spot disease and pests.

Digital controls, apps; check, check.

This one is worth a visit if you have a client in the hydroponics, indoor growing/nursery industry.

Our friends at Lighting Environments are standing by to help you maximize your “growth”.

Jenny Boone Business Development
IEC Chesapeake/IECC