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Our Associate Partner, simPRO, is pleased to announce new online learning resources for their job management software, the simPRO Learning Toolbox.

simPro Learning screenshot

I recall how much I appreciated both Philips and Lightolier offering lighting specifiers, like me, a large amount of self paced online educational tools. These kinds of tools are invaluable, particularly when you are a “field animal”, and have limited time during the day to learn about new materials.

simPRO Software Group recognizes that all schedules are not created equal. We need resources at our fingertips, and the information in “bites”. You can’t eat the elephant in one sitting.

“The ‘simPRO Learning | Toolbox’ is the job management software company’s latest global product release, specifically designed to educate and support clients who are seeking short-term answers or long-term knowledge about the technology they use for coordinating business operations.

The new solution offers a growing library of essential resources, including how-tos and standard workflow practice materials, which can be learned at any pace. The online materials are self-directed, interactive and delivered in short, five-minute topics, supporting users in just-in-time learning to get the knowledge when needed. Users also have the ability to complete entire courses on specific simPRO knowledge or workflows. All materials reinforce the learning experience with knowledge checks.

simPRO Global Head of Customer Success Erika Entz said simPRO Learning | Toolbox was developed as a supportive resource for time-poor customers who wish to stay up to date with business demands.”

The Toolbox is included with simPRO’s customer licenses, and is available anywhere, anytime.

Get smart on the fly….and at your own pace.

Jenny Boone Business Development
IEC Chesapeake/IECC
[email protected]