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Our Associate Partners (AP) at PDU Cables have posted another article of interest- this time Tom Shear addresses the compliance requirements of TIA-6-7-C. Here is what Tom has to share:

bundles of cable

“TIA-607-C states that a computer room should contain a supplementary bonding network grounded to the secondary bonding busbar (SBB) or primary bonding busbar (SBB). Metallic components in need of bonding include racks, cabinets, ladders, surge protectors, cable trays, routers, switches and patch panels, each bonded to the SBB or PBB using a minimum size conductor of 6 AWG.  

Telecommunications equipment is sensitive to electrical disturbances. While minimum grounding requirements within the power distribution system are designed for personal safety and fire prevention purposes, data center downtime and damage to equipment as a result of inadequate grounding can cost an organization millions of dollars. 

Proper grounding is the most important factor in reliable network equipment performance. According to the IEEE, power distribution grounding is almost never enough to prevent damage to network equipment. 

In a data center, electrical disturbances introduced on data cables, when not properly dissipated through a signal reference grid, can result in faulty data signals, lost data and network inefficiencies. 

If you’re looking to safeguard employees and upgrade network performance through proper ground bonding, give me a call. PDU Cables offers a full line of ground bonding products, and we can customize our kits to meet your data center’s exact needs.”

Tom also includes this link

A case study on Ground Bonding.

Need to know more? Reach out to our Associate Partners at PDU Cables, proud supporters of IEC Chesapeake and our apprenticeship programs.

Jenny Boone
Business Development
IEC Chesapeake/IECC