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Our Associate Partners at R.C. Colerick, represent an interesting line called Champion Fiberglass. Here’s what the cool kids are looking at fiberglass for-conduit. Yes. Fiberglass conduit.

champion fiberglass

Stronger, lighter weight, and corrosion resistant, fiberglass is also a less expensive product than PVC coated steel and GRC.

The biggest news is their “no burn through” elbows: championfiberglass.com

·      Low Coefficient of Friction.

·      Consistently one of the lowest coefficient of friction numbers of any conduit system.

·      No Burn Through.

·      A low coefficient of friction and a single circuit winding process keeps cables from burning through

the fiberglass elbow and damaging the cable.

·      Easy to Install.

·      When ordered with two deep socket PVC couplings, the fiberglass elbows are easily glued in place

·      using PVC glue.

·      Light Weight.

·      Excellent Corrosion Resistance.

·      Broadest range of corrosion resistance for all conduit systems.

·      Excellent Insulator.

·      Because fiberglass conduit is non-conductive, grounding bushings and exothermic grounding are not required for protection during a cable fault.

·      Handles Low Temperatures.

·      Fiberglass maintains its mechanical properties to -60°F.

·      UV Stable.

·      Fiberglass maintains its mechanical properties in the sunlight.

·      UL Listed.

·      Not Affected by Cable Faults. Will not melt the fiberglass elbow or weld the cable to the fiberglass elbow 

Lighter weight, this product cuts labor and installation time over galvanized products, rigid steel or PVC coated, especially when it comes to large diameters. 

Currently being spec’d and used in utility applications, data centers, and wastewater treatment plants, Champion first introduced its epoxy fiberglass product in 1988. In 2008 Champion introduced Champion Haz Duct (XW Type fiberglass conduit) for Class 1, Div 2 installations per the NEC. 

Visit their site or reach out to our friends at R.C. Colerick, supporters and members of IECC. 

And yes, on a personal note, I LOVE that they are produced in my backyard of Spring, Texas…y’all.

Jenny Boone       
Business Development, IECC (Independent Electrical Contractor of the Chesapeake)