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From our Associate Partners at Eaton- Yep! We have an AP for that…

Tech and Innovative solutions for DOD (Dear Ole Dad!)

Is your dad craving solutions that will make like easier for him? With Father’s Day on June 16th, Eaton’s Wiring Devices has products that can help streamline his life by offering convenience, connectivity and combinations.

Convenience – Dad can now quickly charge his electronic devices like smart phones and tablets with one of Eaton’s USB charging receptacles offered in both Type A and C ports and with charging capacities up to 5A. These receptacles are a great choice for both new construction or as a simple DIY project. 

Connectivity – Is dad living in a smart home and looking for ways to connect and control devices? With Eaton’s Home Automation Hub and Z-Wave Plus Wireless Collection of lighting controls, creating and incorporating devices to create an eco-system with popular smart home is easy. When used with a comparable Z-Wave controller; devices be controlled through voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Enhanced compatibility with popular smart home and security systems like SmartThings and Alarm.com is also available.  

Combination – The Patrol series of combination LED nightlights serve as a dual functioning device offering dimmable LED versions that also incorporate the convenience of a receptacle or a switch. A combination GFCI receptacle with nightlight is also available and a great idea for a bathroom or kitchen application. 

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Thank you Eaton- so much better than a tie!

Jenny Boone
Business Development, IEC Chesapeake/IECC