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Know Before You Go!

New Jersey road sign

What’s New?

There is a significant change pending in the 2019 New Jersey legislature that directly concerns electrical contractors who live and work in New Jersey OR travel to New Jersey to perform work.

·       On December 17, 2018, the New Jersey Legislature proposed a major change to requirements for New Jersey public works contractors. Assembly Bill A-3666 was passed by both State Assembly and Senate and was forwarded to Governor Murphy for his signature. 

·       The bill would impose new training and apprenticeship requirements on public works contractors, and would be the most restrictive in the country

·       The Governor’s signature is still pending at this point in time, but is expected this year

What’s in the bill?

The bill, which blazed its way through the lawmaking process, would require a contractor to certify its participation in a U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)-approved apprenticeship program in order to obtain or renew its public works contractorregistration certificate. Further, apprenticeship programs would have to include training for every classification of worker a contractor employs on a public works jobsite. Thus, if a contractor employs workers in a single job classification, participation in a program limited to just that one classification would suffice. If, however, a contractor employs workers in multiple classifications on a covered job site, the contractor would have to certify participation in an apprenticeship program that encompasses each and every such classification. “ www.littler.com

What are your options?

·       Any electrical contractor wishing to perform prevailing wage work in New Jersey will need to make sure they are participating in a Department of Labor approved and registered apprenticeship program such as the brick and mortar and online programs offered by IEC Chesapeake:

·        https://www.iecchesapeake.com/4-year-electrical-apprenticeship-program

·       IECC Online specific: https://www.iecchesapeake.com/online-electrical-apprenticeship-program

Grant Shmelzer
Executive Director, IEC Chesapeake/IECC